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Dissertations are a piece of academic writing on a topic chosen by a student or one assigned to a student by their department and they tend to answer a research question based on empirical study or on a literature based study. Dissertation writing  may be the longest and most difficult piece of work a student will have to complete compared to essays and other assignments but can be a very rewarding paper. In writing a dissertation, a student is required to pick a topic of special interest and work on their own initiative which may be a new more independent experience compared to previous academic work. Dissertation writing requires a student to be well equipped with a set of planning and research skills that will be a great help even in their future career.One question that most students are always asking is, “how long are dissertations?”  Length guidelines vary from one department to another. Therefore if you are looking to know how long your dissertation should be, first look through your dissertation handbook or your department’s template then look at what former students did that was approved by your department. That should be enough guide for you to know how long your dissertation should be. 


The basic components of your dissertations include;

  • Dissertation introduction and research proposal.

In the dissertation introduction, talk of your dissertation topic, the purpose and relevance and what to expect in the rest of the dissertation. You should; give enough background research, narrow down your focus and define the scope of your research, discuss the state of existing research on the topic and show the relevance of your study, state your research questions and objectives and give an overview of your dissertation structure.

By the end of reading your introduction, the reader should tell what the research is all about, why the research and how it will be carried out.

  • Dissertation literature review.

The Dissertation literature review proves you have had enough interactions with your research topic and you have a broad understanding of previous research in your field of study. For this section, summarize the main viewpoints and facts you encounter during your research that are related to your chosen topic.  Use this part to also show why you choose to settle on your topic; show what is already known or done by others what is not known and show how or why your line of research is relevant. To go about this section, start with one or two paragraphs demonstrating your understanding on your area of study then discuss literature dealing with your area of research and finally consider and critique the studies that are most relevant.

  • Methodologies for the dissertation

This is one key part of your dissertation. It describes your chosen research methods and why you chose them by linking back to the literature. Some common research methods include interviews, observations, questionnaires and documentary analysis. The choice of the method to use is dictated by your research questions and previous research. 

  • Dissertation results and discussions

Your results section should bring out key experimental results including any statistical analysis and whether the results are significant to your study or not. Choose the relevant findings and present them whether in tables, figures, graph or text.

For the discussion section, your discussion is aimed at interpreting and explaining your results, answering your research question, justifying your approach and critically evaluating your study.  Review your findings in the context of the literature and existing knowledge on the subject. 

  • Dissertation conclusion

The dissertation conclusion should answer the main research questions and should leave the reader with a clear picture or understanding of your argument.   Important to include also is how your findings contribute to knowledge in your field of study and why your research matters.


Now that you know of what your dissertation should include, let us see on the steps you can follow to ensure your dissertation stands out. Writing a dissertation will more often be faced with challenges like lack of writing skills, researching skills and procrastination. It is however important to rise above these challenges and get going.


Seek professional help from reliable sources too,  assignment help. is your home for dissertation writing services and dissertation assignment help.To go through the writing process successfully and without a lot of difficulties, the following is a 5 step by step guide to achieving a well written mind blowing dissertation .

  1. Write a winning dissertation proposal. Choose the theme, question and title to your dissertation

  2. Conduct effective research. This stage determines the overall development of your project.

  3. Get writing. Do this after you have obtained a clear goal and structure and checking what is required of you in terms of word count or writing style.

  4. Edit and proofread your work.

  5. Get feedback on your dissertation from a trusted friend and discuss it with your mentor before presenting the dissertation project to the committee.

Although the journey may be a challenge, it is important to remember that you have come a long way to get there and quitting is not an option so gather your confidence and courage, plan and tackle the project step by step, bearing in mind that this is one of the most important papers in your whole education journey. Show them what you can!





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