Economics Sample Assignment

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Economics Sample Assignment

This is assessment 2: Research Essay 30 marks

Length 3,000 words

Please note that this assessment requires substantial research (see the assessment criteria below).

(a)   What are the differences between the long-run equilibrium of a perfectly competitive firm and the long-run equilibrium of a monopolistically competitive firm? Compare the productive and allocative efficiency of monopolistic competition and perfect competition. (8 marks)

In answering this question, as a minimum, you need to

•       Discuss the key features of each market structure such as number of sellers, type of product, and entry conditions

•       Using diagrams, explain how short run and long run profits or losses might arise

•       Describe the process by which profits or losses are eroded

•       Compare productive and allocative efficiencies       


(b) What are the characteristics of an oligopoly market? Choose an Australian industry that represents oligopoly. Justify your example by relating them to the characteristics of oligopoly market.  (10 marks)  

As a minimum, you should

·       Discuss key features of oligopoly

·       Provide a brief description of the industry

·       Justify by providing actual and reliable data


(c) How can Australia address the housing affordability crisis? (8 marks)

In answering this question, you need to

·       explain the demand side factors affecting housing affordability

·       explain the solutions that have been attempted or are proposed to address housing affordability

·       explain the possible supply side solutions to housing affordability

Additional marks                                                       (4 marks)

Overall presentation of work, especially use of graphs, clear written expression.   2 mark

Appropriate use of referencing.   2 marks




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