Operations Management Assignment

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Operations Management Assignment

Operations Management

Operations management is a part of management that involves the control and design of the production process. It concentrates on the careful management of the processes to distribute and produce services and products. The operations function can be defined as the department of the organization dedicated to manufacturing as well as the distribution of goods and amenities. It encompasses several broad areas like logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. The set of activities associated with operations management includes development, product creation, distribution, and production. It also deals with aspects of service and product management, inventory control, management of purchases, quality control, logistics, evaluation of processes, and storage. 

Operations management as a subject covers the basic area of business management where an entire production system is used for converting raw materials such as resources, labor, and energy into useful outputs like final products and services. The subject itself is very vast and very dynamic which requires in-depth study and proper knowledge with updated examples. 

Some of the topics covered within operations management as a topic include;

  1. Equipment maintenance and management
  2. Manufacturing and production systems
  3. Inventory forecasting
  4. Strategic manufacturing policy
  5. Production control
  6. Factory and warehouse management
  7. Skilled trades supervision
  8. Material planning
  9. Inventory forecasting
  10. Productivity analysis
  11. Industrial labor relations
  12. Gantt Chart
  13. Reliability and ISO 9000

5 Tips On How To Solve An Operations Management Assignment

Sense the problem broadly. An operations management question can be around the performance gaps, overall effect on the business, and ways to optimize the process.

Collect data for the analysis. This stage includes questions on the process flow where I,R, T process flow diagrams can be used to answer this.

Outlining the desired outcomes and potential performance gaps. This step involves goal assessment at the various stages. At this stage, the questions that need to be asked are; what is success and how does it look like? How far are we from the target?

Identify areas of improvement. Includes identifying the new process flow diagrams and how they are different and better from the existing flow diagrams.

Understand the benefits of the improvement. This is the last step of your operations management solution. For this step, one can answer a very simple question; What can you learn about the most promising alternative in one day for 100 dollars? One can use the KPI tree and problem-solving loop to achieve this goal.

Operations Management Assignment Help

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