Sample ERP Implementation Proposal Assignment

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Sample ERP Implementation Proposal Assignment

Case Study


 You are required to jointly write an ERP Implementation Proposal of approximately 2500 words and develop a PowerPoint Presentation of approximately 10 slides for the Board of Directors of the Auburn Winery Company (AWC). You must structure your ERP Implementation Proposal into sections that are based on the list provided under the heading “Content” – see below. The marking scheme for assignment 2 shows how many marks will be allocated to each section.

The PowerPoint Presentation must be specific to AWC. It must:

· Explain how the implementation project will be organized and staffed and the level of commitment at all levels from Management and Directors to workers;

· Outline any change management that will be required and how it will be dealt with.

· Show all timelines and schedules;

· Clearly outline the future benefits to AWC of implementing an ERP from SAP;

· Provide an analysis in general terms of where the major costs – software, hardware, training, consultation, etc – for the implementation will be together with some estimates.


You are to assume that you are the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the AWC.  The Chairperson of the Board has asked you to jointly prepare the ERP Implementation Proposal and its accompanying PowerPoint Presentation for next month’s Board meeting.  In particular, he wants both the proposal and the slides to be easy to read, clear, concise and factual, with the objective of convincing the other members of the Board that:

a)    an ERP system is necessary and

b)    SAP ECC (or SAP HANA) is the preferred solution

The presentation slides must represent the content of the proposal.

A description of the AWC is given later in this assignment specification.

Content (or, What You Must Do)

The ERP Implementation Proposal should be structured into sections which deal with the following matters:

. A description of the AWC existing computer systems and a detailed analysis of the weaknesses in the existing IT systems from the point of view of operational cost, reliability, efficiency, security, data integrity, etc.

. Describe the facilities (tools and services) available in SAP Solution Manager and how these services will be used in the implementation project at AWC.

· A detailed description of the entire process of implementation (including the transition phase from the existing legacy systems) that will be undertaken at AWC. In particular your description must outline how the implementation project will be organized and staffed. This should include an explanation for the broad implementation strategy to be adopted (big bang approach versus phased approach) by AWC and one which takes into accounts the nature of the company. Realistic timeframes must also be established and clearly stated.

. A summary of the 4 SAP Business Suites and how these suites will handle the requirements of current and future business operations. Other SAP or third-party applications will also be needed to satisfy AWC’s future IT requirements. List them and explain why they are needed. Particular attention must be given to AWC’s requirement to acquire the ability to conduct e-commerce.

. A summary of the functional areas within AWC that may require significant Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and why this will be necessary.. A summary of the training needs and change management issues to be addressed, and any other issues that you consider important to a successful implementation.

· An explanation of how this ERP adoption is going to provide AWC with new information and a competitive advantage over their nearest rival companies.




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