Architecture Assignment Sample: Case Study

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Architecture Assignment Sample: Case Study


Complete the following tasks with reference to the ArchiFarm case study.

Document all assumptions you make and cite the source of information where appropriate.

Task 3.1: Baseline Architecture

You may need to consolidate and document the individual baseline architectures the team members

created in Assignments 1 and 2 into a coherent baseline.

Document the baseline architecture using appropriate ArchiMate diagrams.

Task 3.2: Target Architecture

Define a target architecture for ArchiFarm. Consider the business capabilities, business-, information-,

application-, and technology layers.

Create appropriate ArchiMate diagrams showing the target architecture.

Task 3.3: Gap Analysis

Perform a gap analysis between the baseline architecture (Task 3.1) and the Target Architecture (Task 3.2).

Create appropriate ArchiMate diagrams showing the gaps.

Task 3.4: Roadmap

Develop a roadmap for the migration from baseline to target architecture.

Ensure that your roadmap maintains business continuity throughout the transition.

Create appropriate ArchiMate diagrams showing the roadmap.

Task 3.5: Presentation

Create a presentation illustrating the gap analysis and transition recommendations.

You must be able to complete the presentation in class within the allocated time in Week 12/13. The

presentation shall comprise no more than 10 slides. It is strongly recommended that you practise


External students who cannot attend the in-class presentations are required to record and submit a video

(including audio) showing the presenters.

Task 3.6: Contributions

Briefly summarise the contributions each student has made to this assignment. This summary should not

exceed one paragraph per student. If you have concerns about adding this summary to the submission, or

if you wish to make a confidential comment about your group, please contact the Course Coordinator.




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