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C++ is one of the most widely used OOP (object oriented programming language) globally for either academic or practical applications. It was produced in the 1980s in the Bell Laboratories by Bjarne Stroustrup and is an expansion of the C programming. This intermediate-level programming language runs on various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and UNIX. C++ hovers around the concept of information polymorphism, encapsulation, information hiding, and inheritance and is a unique programming language with modern day bells and whistles. All the syntax of C++ is more complex than any other modern day programming languages. However, it is used due to its native guideline that can be straight run by the processor. It provides tight control over the hardware like the C programming language. C++ provides top-level functions like generics, classes, and exceptions. The combination of performance and speed makes C++ among the most widely used computer programming languages.

Advantages Of C++ Programming Languages
  1. C++ language is an extension of the C language, and it has a rich function library
  2. C++ programming language allows function overloading and exception handling which are not possible in C
  3. C++ is a highly portable language. This language is used for multi-device, multi-platform app development
  4. The convenience of the C++ programming language has a great benefit since no hardware affects the encoding of the language
  5. Classes within C++ are a significant benefit from an encoding point of view. It is flexible and well organized
Important Features Of C++ Programming

Constants: Constants are information that never changes during the course of the program use. C++ programming languages permit a few sorts of constants. 

Variables: Variables are amounts that may change during program execution. Variable names will be names given to areas in the memory of PC. 

Keywords: These are the words reserved by the language compiler. They are words which have got a special meaning by the language and cannot be used anywhere otherwise, basically they are reserved.

Watchwords: These are words having special meaning for C++ compilers. The watchwords can’t be utilized as names for variables which are not permitted. 

Comments in C++: You can very easily give comments in C++ which will improve the readability of the code. There are two types of comments one is a single line comment and the other one is a multi-line comment. Based on your needs you can select any one you desire.

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  4. Trees- AVL trees and binary trees/ binary search trees etc
  5. Graphic algorithms and various simulation techniques
  6. Different levels and kinds of STL programming assignments
  7. Projects on Hash tables as well as on Binary heaps
  8. Recursion

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