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Economics Research Paper Writing

Economic papers are basically analytical papers and are one of the most involving papers and subsequently one of the most practical. They thus have to be handled with precision. In handling one, one is required to read in between the lines to get the real meaning of what is being brought out. Misinterpreting the question is one of the greatest mistakes one can make as it means that you will collect wrong facts. It is therefore important that one reads through the lines carefully to well understand the context they will be handling. 

To write effective economic papers, you will need to understand how research questions and ideas develop. Most research projects are extensions of or complements to existing literature on a particular subject. Regardless of the subject that interests them, most economists first become intimate with the literature on the subject paying special attention to the questions asked, the data used, and the models and estimation techniques employed. What are the major issues? Why is the subject important? What problems have previous researchers encountered? How have they attempted to circumvent or minimize them? What are the standard models used in the literature? Are the results consistent from study to study, or are they mixed? Where is more research needed?

Following this, the researcher becomes familiar with the literature and realizes opportunities they can make a contribution where the contribution could be an adjustment of the question, the data or the model and technique.

Types of economic research papers

Economic writing appears in many forms but let us look at the most common kinds of papers.

  1. Empirical economic research papers

These are papers written when data related to your topic is available.These papers test a model with data to see how well the model represents reality or to what degree the model yields predictions consistent with observed behaviour as captured by a set of data. The data is obtained through observation or by experiment and the models tested are usually adaptations of models constructed by other researchers. 

Empirical papers are usually divided into introduction, data, model,estimation technique, methodology, findings and finally conclusion. They also contain a literature review which could be part of the introduction or a section on its own just after the introduction.

  1. Theoretical economic research papers.

Theoretical papers are usually written when data is unreliable or impossible to obtain. As a result, theoretical papers make reasonable assumptions about the relevant environment and actors involved, and then predict what should “theoretically” happen if the event described by the research question came true. A model is developed and the conclusion of the model proved. These kinds of papers are characterized by lots of propositions, proofs, theorems and lemmas and by an absence of data. A lot of mathematics are also a characteristic of theoretical economic research papers. 

5 tips to writing a good economic research paper

To come up with a good research paper, it is important to consider the following 5 tips. 

  1. Analyze your question thoroughly. As earlier said, writing an economic research paper calls for precision. Read between the lines to get the real meaning of what is being brought out.

  2. Get your facts straight.Economics is all about facts and numbers and it is important that you get the dates, the figures and names straight before compiling your work.

  3. Establish your thesis. A thesis in this case will act as a guide from whose outline you will follow throughout your paper. 

  4.  Be up to date. Look into recent literature and cite even cite them in your work.

  5. Consider the variables.  Consider all variables be it qualitative or quantitative variables and avoid omitting any variable as it will reflect on your paper. Variables are the differences between certainty and projections. Be sure to consult for any economic data you may need to analyze.

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