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Did you know the origin of the word essay?  The name is traced back from the Latin word ‘exagium’  which is used to mean weigh and where ‘exigere’ is used to mean drive out or to examine or test. So what’s an essay? An essay is a short personalized composition of one’s ideas and opinions on a given topic. They are common in high schools, colleges or even middle schools as part of their assignment requirements.  Many students view essay writing as a hard nut to crack despite essay writing assignments and homework being frequently assigned. How do you go about writing your essay?

Before discussing on how to write an essay or the tips to writing a good quality essay, let us first see the types of essays that one may come across.


To write your essay, the following are tip 6 tips to make sure that you deliver a good paper.

  1. Narrative essays where the writer is expected to narrate of an occurrence in the essay. The writer is supposed to handle it in such a way that they involve the reader and make the story look real.
  2. Descriptive essays where the writer is faced with the task of describing a place, object, a memory or any other thing. He or she tries to paint a picture in the reader’s head. 
  3. Expository essays. These include essays like expository essays or cause and effect essays and are said to be essays where the writer presents a balanced study of a given topic.
  4. Persuasive essays.  These essays are a presentation of the writer’s ideas and are aimed at getting the reader to your side of the argument. Both sides of the argument are however presented on the essay but the writer has to show how their side outweighs the other side of the argument.

With these being the general types of essays,  knowing the type of essay you are dealing with in your essay writing assignment is an important first step to finally delivering the best essay possible.  Let us now draw our focus on how to write a good essay.


There is no defined and standard format to writing an essay but  for whatever essay you handle, there is a basic structure that is followed. The essay starts with an introduction where the writer introduces their topic then the body which is the most important part of the essay, includes you thoughts and ideas. Finally is the conclusion which sums up your essay ideas.

Writing an essay is a walk in the park to some students but to others, how to write an essay is a real struggle, they lack the required skills to aid them sit down and get their ideas down clearly. For any essay writing services, reach us out on our website assignments help for any essay topics.

The following 5 essay writing  tips are designed to help improve your essay writing skills for successful essay writing if they were to be adopted. 

  • Choose the topic for your essay wisely. Give it an interesting appropriate title.
  • Once you have chosen  your essay topic, research on it  for you to write a quality content essay.
  • Develop a thesis  statement for your essay which tells the readers what your essay is all about.
  • Get writing. Write the introduction, the body and finally the conclusion. 
  • Proofread your work to check for spelling and grammatical errors.

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