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Why We're Awesome!

Tight Deadlines, Budget Constraints, Unclear Tasks, Need Distinction? Get expert assignment help with Top Academic Writers. Just fill in the form/ Or chat with our student advisors/ Or request a call back! .

Responsive site

We have a responsive site that makes it possible for all our clients to access our services using different devices

Track your orders

You can track your order with us via mail, live chat, call or on any of the social media platforms.

Quality products

AssignmentsAid provides clients with top-rate assignment writing help at very affordable rates.

Professional writers

We have professional writers in different disciplines with reliable qualifications such as PhD and masters certifications.

One Stop Solution

We provide help with all kinds of assignment help, homework help, project help, dissertation help and more.

Dedicated Support

The student advisors work 24/7, 365 to help you with your assignment or homework..

What We Offer ?

As a renowned online assignment help company with more than 6 years in business, we have acquired relevant resources that enable us to provide nothing but outstanding services to all our clients.
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We have hired professionals who always ensure that clients are fully contented. Below are some of the skills that our professionals have perfected

Thesis Writing
English Writing

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Assignments Aid

Why People Love us

  • These guys really helped me in my android assignment. Using their help, I managed to complete my 2 months assignment in just 48 hours. cool dudes. - James White
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Who We Are ?

Assignment Aid is a reputable academic writing company that has specialized writers who provide clients with best academic writing services that guarantee top grades. Since the establishment of the company back in 2007, the company has managed to provide its clients with 24/7 online writing services in different academic papers such as dissertations, research papers, essays, thesis papers, assignment papers etc. Other services provided by the site include the writing of web contents, admission essays, technical documents, business documents, scientific journals etc.

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John Allitto
Malik Ali
Masters in Electrical Engineering (Utah University)
Dona Fienberg
Tom Wilson
Masters in Management Science (University of Michigan)
John Spiliotis
Diana Taylor
Masters in Nursing (University of Canada)

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Privacy Policy

Assignments Aid is dedicated to ensuring that clients’ information is kept safely away from unauthorized access. The company does not give out a client’s information to any third party without the client’s consent. Unless the client allows, the company does not also contact the client. Through the below guidelines, the company has been able to safeguard all clients’ information for the past years of its existence.

Cookies and IP addresses

The company may gather information about the client’s computer e.g. the IP address, the browser type and the operating system so as to share it with its advertisers. The data that we collect regarding the browsing patterns of our clients do not focus on an individual thus we cannot gather any personal information from this. As for cookies, clients can alter their browser settings so as to deactivate cookies in case they do not want the company to use their cookies when they are accessing the site. Although if you choose to deactivate cookies, some of the sections of our site may be unavailable to you.


The company may gather and process the below information about a client.

◈ We may retain a record of the correspondence in case a client contacts us

◈ The company has non-obligatory surveys where clients’ information may be used in case a client decides to complete them

◈ Data that is collected when a client is making an order. Clients may also be asked to give out more information in case there is a problem with using our site services

◈ Information regarding your visits to our website including location data, traffic data, operating system, browser usage, weblogs and other transmission data needed for our own billing usage and resources you retrieve.

Information security

The company usually does its best to ensure that clients’ information is properly stored. First and foremost, the company normally stores collected information in private files that are protected using complicated passwords so as to prevent unauthorized access. The company also prevents reselling of completed orders so as to enable clients to have unique papers.

Information usage

Clients may sometimes wonder how their information is being used by the company. Below are the ways in which client information is used.

◈ To carry out duties as a result of any contracts between the company and the client

◈ To inform clients of any modifications or changes in the way we do our services

◈ Information is also used to enable clients take part in any interactive service provided by the company

◈ To offer services and products that clients want from the company or services that we feel may be of interest to the clients.

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