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A research paper is an academic writing written to provide evidence or support a thesis. It is a conclusion of what was stated in the thesis. In simpler terms, it is a piece of academic writing where the author bases the content on their original research on a given research topic and the interpretation of the research findings following a series of analysis of the data collected. When we think research we think of research paper and research proposal.  How do they differ?


Although the writing of the two are similar, they are different. The difference comes in on the intent of the paper where a research paper is designed to show a student’s academic knowledge of the given subject while a research proposal is designed to convince the audience of the value of a given research project.


Depending on the purpose and format of the research paper, there are four types of research papers.

  1. Analytical research paper where the writer explores the answers to the questions about a given topic. The writer analyzes a range of viewpoints, performs critical analysis and make their own conclusions.
  2. Argumentative research papers. They are intended to persuade the reader to accept a theory that is subject to debate. The writer in the research argues in favor of their position and convinces readers using credible primary and secondary sources.
  3. General research paper. Contains 3 main sections introduction body and conclusion to present the findings.
  4. Scientific research paper. The format of presenting findings and methods is more rigid with several parts which generally include abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion.

Research writing is a common assignment that most lecturers or professor use on college students to test a student’s academic knowledge and are essential to the student. They are designed to help the students;

  1. Suggest how an issue or a given process can be improved
  2. Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of material
  3. Learn how to evaluate others work
  4. Expand on and add to existing thoughts.

  steps of research paper writing


Research writing could be a challenging time consuming assignment despite carrying a large part of a student’s final grade. With essential paper writing skills however, writing a research paper could not be that hard. This is why we have come up with several research writing steps as a research guide for students handling research papers to make the process less tedious. For your assignment help feel free to reach us on our website at assignment help, we offer help with research paper writing. This guide is a highlight of research report writing steps aimed at helping you with everything you need to do in order to write a good research paper and get that grade you are after if the steps are followed effectively.

  1. Get familiar with the assignment.
  2. Select a topic
  3. Do ample research and take notes. Also remember to keep track of your reference material for your bibliography later.
  4. Organize your research
  5. Form your  thesis statement
  6. Make your research paper outline
  7. Get writing. Write your research paper introduction, literature review, the research questions, research methodology, your results, your analysis and conclusion. This is your first draft.
  8. Write and revise your final draft. Check for logic flow of your writing, punctuation spelling and grammatical errors.