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Business Information Systems: Case Study

Case Study Overview
James Healthcare Centre (JHC) offers a holistic approach to health care with an emphasis on preventive medicine and traditional medical care. JHC has recently grown business and would like to develop modern information system to support its business and health information management needs. In your role as System Analyst you will help JHC to develop a new information system.

Read the detailed case study from resources section under “Assessment Items Resources” folder and complete the following task. Please note, you will use the same case study to complete assignment 1, assignment 2, and assignment 3.

Assignment Task
In inception phase of the project, you are required to investigate the effectiveness of business information systems of the given case study. To do this, you need to submit a project report which includes an analysis of functionality, resources required, stakeholder map, the broad feasibility of the project (i.e., risks) and proposed outcome based on the analysis of the case study.