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Securing system using IPTable firewall

You are required to set up, configure, and test your firewall. You need to do research and reading to be able to complete this assignment.

You have to discuss the main use, limitations, and possible security holes of your firewall and write it in your report. You should test that following packages are installed on your machines: SSH and Webserver. Start the services and ensure that they are available for you to do experiment with IPTable Firewall. You should include screen shots in your answers to show the output of your results.


You need to save copies of all different configurations (for each part) that you have done. (You should include your firewall rules and the results in the report)

Configure your firewall to:(Provide Screen shot for practical stuff )

1. Reject all ssh packets.

2. Allow ssh remote connections.

3. Deny ping.

4. Reject all traffic coming to port 80.

5. Block incoming traffic connection to your IP address of your virtual machine.

6. Allow traffic coming to port 80 (inbound) but reject traffic going out (outbound) through port 80.

You then have to:

a. describe in detail how you test 1,2,3,4,5,6 with real practical tests and/or with your gathered information (write it in your report), and

b. discuss the advantages and disadvantages of firewalls with iptables and make suggestions to overcome the disadvantages in your report.

c. discuss the roles and significance of packet filtering, circuit relay and application layer firewalls in building multilayer firewalls. Highlight impact on the network traffic delivery time with the use of multilayer firewalls.