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SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System and is a specialized programming language that was first developed in North Carolina State University and was designed primarily for statistical analysis of data from spreadsheets or databases.  SAS compiles such data, analyzes it and presents the results in tables, graphs and RTF, HTML and PDF documents.

  1.  Base SAS that considers basic procedures of data management and analytical concepts

  2.  SAS/OR that consider operational research.

  3.  SAS/AF that takes into consideration SAS generated application facility.

  4.  SAS/GRAPH  for presentation of statistical graphs.

  5.  SAS/ETS which includes Econometrics and Time-series analysis.

  6.  SAS/IML which implements the features of interactive matrix language.

  7. SAS/QC which is all about quality control.

  8. SAS/PH which facilitate the users with clinical trial evaluation.

  9. SAS/Stat that considers all details of statistical analysis.

Due to its ease to use, it graphical capabilities and its advancement of tools, SAS has found great usage. It is also associated with a number of benefits.

  1. Performs data management operations very efficiently.

  2. SAS generates better results than other statistical tools, provided your input data is adequate.

  3. SAS is a comprehensive tool for many solutions in statistical research and data management.

  4. Finds great use in banking, telecommunications, higher education, researchers, healthcare and various other industries where data analysis is an important factor.

  1. Probability theory

  2. Hypothesis testing

  3. Multivariate analysis

  4. Regression analysis

  5. Graphics

  6.  Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

  7. Data mining

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