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what is the technical writing


Technical writing is a kind of writing where you are required to write about a particular subject that requires direction, instructions or explanation. Handling technical assignments require a very different style to other writings be it creative writing, academic writing or business writing. The good thing about technical writing is that the writing style is clear, straightforward and it is easy to understand.  This kind of writing involves taking high level information and processing the information into digestible content for whatever intended audience or purpose. You may be wondering what technical writers do, they create writings that are aimed at communicating complex and technical information more easily. Technical writing skills have been on a very  high demand with the increase of scientific and technical products with a projected 8% growth from 2018 to  2028.  

  1.  Instruction manuals or how-to guides, policy and process manuals

  2. Analysis reports

  3. Technical reports

  4. Instructions on how to assemble a product

  5. Executive summary

  6. Product descriptions

  7. User interface texts

  8. Press releases

  9. Case studies


To write a good technical document or work, the writer needs to have the following skills;

  1. Research

  2. Audience perception to ensure you match the writing to their needs.

  3. Communication skills

  4. Technical skills

  5. Writing skills

  6. Document design since on top of your text writing, you may require adding graphics to your work

  7. Fluency with digital tools

  8. User research and testing. 

For any of your technical writing assignment help, do not hesitate to ask for help from professional and reliable writers. If you are looking for tips on how to handle your technical assignment, technical report or whatever technical work you may be required to handle, below are a few tips to improving your technical writing.

  1. Plan. know your audience and their expectations, understand what you are writing, organize your thoughts and materials and budget on your time to write, review and edit your work

  2. Avoid jargon.  Use simple clear language.

  3. Establish a clear structure.

  4. Use examples to improve on clarity

  5. Embrace the use of useful visuals and graphics

  6. Establish an appropriate voice depending on your audience.

  7. Cite your sources  where appropriate

  8. Revise to ensure you identify and fix what may be unclear