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Game Theory Assignment Aid

Game Theory comes into the picturewherever the actions of entities involved are independent of each other. It is the study of formal interaction of conflicts and cooperation of these entities – they can be governments,big business houses, social groups, or individuals or maybe combination of anyone of the above. It provides an insightinto different strategic choices by fundamentally and objectively analysing the methodologies. It requires making of models which provides a clearer picture and supports in decision making. It helps in strategic decision making.

Some of the topics our experts at Assignments Aid have dealt with in Game Theory include;

◈ Nash Equilibrium

◈ Bayesian Nash Equilibrium

◈ Decisions, Games, and Rational Choice

◈ Dynamic Optimization & Economic

◈ Hedonics

◈ Paradox and Infinity

◈ Autonomy and Decision Making

◈ Sequential Bargaining Under Asymmetric Information

◈ Mathematics in Toys and Games

◈ Videogame Theory and Analysis