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The way computers and robots are built seems to be getting smarter and more sophisticated by the day as computer engineers strive to make them act and behave just like humans. In the 21st century therefore where technology is much advanced with the rise of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning has gained a lot of interest and anyone interested in technology seems to be excited about it. Let us first understand what machine learning is.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a field of computer science where various statistical techniques are used to let the computer learn on its own through analysis of data without actual programming. It is the area of Artificial Intelligence where machine learning is often used and focuses on development of computer applications accessing the data and using that data for learning without any human intervention. With machine learning, the process of learning starts through observation of the data and the aim is to let computers automatically start learning without the assistance of humans. Algorithms are used for the data as an input and statistical techniques are applied to anticipate the output while ensuring an update in output with the change in data. In short, machine learning is a collection of advanced algorithms that process data and it performs 3 main tasks that include training the model, testing the model and predicting the model.

Machine learning finds use in fields like health care, identification of fraud, financial services etc. 

The process of machine learning involves key areas that include;

  1. Proper identification of appropriate data set and preparation of the data for thorough analysis

  2. Selection of the right machine learning algorithm to be used

  3. Developing a suitable analytical model based on the selected algorithm

  4. Training the model on the different types of data sets prepared for testing

  5. Executing the model to get results.

Types Of Machine Learning

Machine learning is divided into 3 types that include

  1. Supervised learning – It is the most popular type of machine learning that is easy to understand and implement.  With it, data that is in the form of labels is fed using a learning algorithm to let the algorithm predict the label and get the feedback to check whether the predicted answer is right or not. It used to analyze the training data

  2. Unsupervised learning – it occurs when an algorithm inferring from unlabeled data. It is used to deform the data into any other form.

  3. Reinforcement learning- It performs a certain goal without any guidance. Finds applications mostly in video games and certain Google applications like AlphaZero and AlphaGo.

Machine Learning Assignments Help

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