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Let us first begin by understanding what minitab, which has earned its fame of being a statistics package which is developed at Pennsylvania State University to provide a solution of Statistical needs is.  It  is an  interactive, user-friendly statistical software which contains powerful tools that are used for data analysis, interpretation and research. In simpler words, minitab is a tool used for statistical evaluation that provides a wide range of basic and advanced data analysis capabilities.. It offers a short and effective solution wherein high degree of evaluation is required. 

The minitab software package is easy to use and flexible in nature. It can produce a single photograph for a large quantity of data in the shape of bar graphs, histograms,pie charts, line charts which are a replacement of the traditional bar charts and many more. 


Minitab finds great use in 

  1. Statistical Inference

  2. Correlation and Regression

  3. Measurement Systems Analysis

  4. Control Charts

  5. Descriptive Statistics

  6. Graphical Analysis

  7. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA

  8. Precise Data Importing

  9. Seamless Data Manipulation

  10. Process Improvement Tools

  11. Quality Function Deployment

  12. Brainstorming Tools

  13. Real-time Insights

  14. Value Stream Mapping

  1. Binomial distribution: A specific probability distribution used to obtain one of two outcomes one is called a success, and any other outcome is a failure

  2. Analysis of means: A graphical option to ANOVA that tests the equality of population means

  3. Equal variance: Tests the equality of variances between populations or factor levels

  4. Regression: Used to determine the relationship between two or more variables.

  5. MATLAB: A high-performance language for technical computing. It is used by engineers and scientists in many fields such as image and signal processing, communications and control systems.

  6. Six sigma assignment help:  six sigma is a disciplined and data-driven method used in eliminating defects in any process 


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