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What is anatomy

This is a branch of Biology. Anatomy is the study of the anatomical structure of organisms. It is broadly divided into microscopic anatomy and macroscopic anatomy (gross anatomy). Anatomy is a broad field and some of the concepts and their subdivisions that make up anatomy include;

Physiological Anatomy

This is also referred to as functional anatomy and deals with the study of organs in the context of their physiological functions in a living body.

Human Anatomy

Constitutes the study of the human body and each organ and its connection and functioning with other body parts. It is divided into two sub-parts namely, histology (or microscopic anatomy) and gross anatomy (or topographical anatomy).

Comparative Anatomy

Involves drawing of comparison between macroscopic and the microscopic anatomical structures in different animal species.

Anthropological Anatomy.

Also termed as the physical anthropology and involves drawing a comparison between different races of humans like Homo sapiens and Homoerectus.

Artistic Anatomy

Involves the study of anatomy done for artistic purposes and applied in the painting and drawing field.

Anatomy dissertation assignment help

Most anatomy assignments you are likely to encounter will be based on bone arrangement that leads to the creation of the human skeleton. For completion of your course you will have to handle most of these assignments as well as show expertise in your area of study by handing in a well written and thought of anatomy dissertation. A dissertation will call for one to conduct a research, analyse the results and later build on the results to draw conclusions and recommendations. A dissertation is mainly an expansion of a previous research in your line of field and should be handled in a way that it leaves room for future research.

For successful handling of anatomical assignments, one will need to show expertise in the correct anatomical terminologies, the functions of organ systems, identification of anatomical structures, observation and data analysis and effective dissection and laboratory techniques. Many students often find it hard to successfully handle these assignments and turn online looking for anatomy experts to handle their assignments. This is why our anatomy professional writers are readily available to handle your anatomy dissertation assignment or anatomy homework at a very affordable rate and a top notch quality guarantee. They work within your set time limits and deliver a well written paper guaranteeing you a good grade. 

Anatomy dissertation

Some of the basic procedure to follow when doing your anatomy dissertation include;

  1. Choose a topic that interests you. For ideas on a topic you can check at what other students have handled before. Sample anatomy dissertation topics

  2. Review existing literature.

  3. Develop research questions and processes.

  4. Conduct research and analyze results.

  5. Write the paper.

  6. Proofread and edit the paper.

It is important to always remember that for anatomy dissertation, specifics are required following it’s broad scope




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