E-Commerce Website Creation Assignment

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E-Commerce Website Creation Assignment

Assignment Requirements

Your web site proposal and presentation (Assignment 1) was accepted, subject to any feedback you may have received.

You company has been asked to develop website you suggested and build the features and functions that will allow your client to start doing business online.


1. Use the assigned URL supplied to you by your Cloudaccess.net/WordPress to develop a preliminary prototype of your proposed e-commerce website.

2. Configure the site with a menu and navigation links to (at the very minimum) the following content pages:

a. Home page (including a company banner and logo, and navigation menu)

b. About page

c. Product/information page/s (include descriptions, prices and images)

d. Company Policies page

i. Returns and refunds

ii. Security

iii. Privacy and confidentiality

e. Contacts page

by cloudaccess.net via a url link assigned to each student.


1. Extend your WordPress prototype to include: a. An aesthetically pleasing, easy- to-use interface

b. Customer registration

c. A comprehensive product/service catalogue

d. Shopping cart e. Order form and payment interface

f. Discussion forum

g. Feedback form You will not be required to install WordPress on your computer. Instead you will be provided access to a pre-installed WordPress development environment provided

Instructions to access your cloudaccess.net website will be provided on the StudyDesk.

 TASK 3: BRIEFING REPORT (essay format)





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