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An information technology research paper is an extended writing assignment where the student needs to identify a broad research area related to the subject, do some background reading to well focus on the research topic, formulate clear research questions, write a paper and present a clear and logical argument. Typically, the research paper has the following sections;

  1. Abstract. This is a brief summary of the research paper and is normally not more than 250 words in length.
  2. Introduction. This section is meant to provide the reader with the background information and explanation of key terms used in the paper. 
  3. Body. This section is broken to many subdivisions that include the literature review, the methods, the findings, a discussion of the results and the conclusion.

Literature review; a review of the existing literature and history to help leaders better understand your argument. Contains information from a variety of significant sources discussing some aspects of the problem or are somehow related with the major point of your research project.

Methods. Contains a detailed description of the research design and methods used to complete the study.

Findings. This is the results section and this chapter provides details about your study results in a clear unbiased way. Use tables and graphs where needed.

Discussion of results.This is usually the longest section of your paper. In this section, present a well supported argument. If your research was a primary research, present answers to your hypothesis, interpret the results and explain why the results are reasonable and precise. You could also use this section to show how your findings are related to previous research discussed in the literature review.

Conclusion.Use this section to reinforce the major claim and to show why it is significant. Based on your findings also, you could use this section to give some recommendations for future research.

References or the work cited. No paper is complete without this section. This section contains a list of all the resources the author used to obtain the necessary information used in the paper. 

It is important to however note that your department may give you different guidelines to organize your research paper. Check with your instructor to know the expected layout of the research paper you are to write. 

3 Tips For Choosing Your Information Technology Research Paper Topic.

A good information technology research paper should provide your reader with some new information in this field. It should also show that the writer has thorough knowledge in the field and is innovative in their academic approach. Writing a good paper begins with first choosing a winning topic. Below are guidelines that can aid you in settling for a reliable topic.

  1. Choose an area that has not been researched before. To do this, read current news, journals and examine academic articles. By doing this, you will identify the areas of weaknesses you can build on and make your contributions in the discipline. 
  2. Intensively research to find the hottest issues on information technology. They could be issues affecting the general population directly affecting maybe the productivity of the whole country. 
  3. Follow the guidelines provided by your tutor. Your tutor may guide you on whatever area to be covered in your research where for example they may want you to carry out a study on computer security and it is important that you stick to their requirements. 

Some information technology research topics you may consider include

  1. Why is machine learning the future?
  2. Main difference between brains and computers
  3. WIll virtual reality technologies change humans?
  4. How is the internet likely to affect social relations in the future?
  5. How will information technology change our lives in the next 10 years

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Information Technology Research Paper Writing Services

There is no magic formula in successfully writing your information technology research paper. It is all dependent on your ability to organize your time and research materials effectively. Writing and researching may however be a challenge and that is why one may need to seek help from information technology expert writers. This is why we are a click away to helping you with that research paper. Our professional information technology writers will take you through the whole writing process and ensure that you ace at that paper. Be sure to reach us out.




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