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What Is UML?

UML stands for Unified Modeling Language and is a standard general-purpose modeling language rich in diagrams and graphic notations used to create visual models of object-oriented software-intensive systems in the field of software engineering. UML visualizes, specifies, documents and constructs software artifacts in the engineering field. It finds great use in the software development lifecycle & across various implementation technologies. 

UML diagrams are  quite essential as each diagram helps design a better software solution. These diagrams are meant to explain the relationship between the concept and its real-world implementation. UML diagrams are quite efficient and powerful enough to represent all rules and concepts present in object-oriented analysis. They  contain many concepts such as UML activity and UML components. 

Types Of UML Diagrams

UML diagrams could either be structural or behavioral. 

Structural UML Diagrams Include

Class Diagram: A  static diagram that defines the behavior of a class and also the limitations enforced on the system. Class diagrams not only help explain the element of a system but also help in building an executable code of software application.

Object Diagram: An object diagram is derived from a class diagram that helps in representing the static view of a system. The main purpose of an object diagram is to understand the object behavior and their relationship with each other.

Package Diagram: A popular UML diagram that showcases the framework of the designed system at various levels of packages. Package diagram consists of several crucial elements such as package elements, element import, package import, package, package merge, etc.

Deployment Diagram: Deployment diagrams are used to imagine and describe the physical elements of the system.

Component Diagram: This diagram is quite different from other structural diagrams in terms of nature and feature. Finds use in showing the physical aspect of a system and includes elements such as files, documents, libraries, executables, et

There are a number of behavioral UML diagrams and they include;

Timing Diagram: It focuses on processes taking place within a specific period.

Activity Diagram: This is the most important behavioral UML diagram and is an indication of the changing nature of a system. It is modeled by adjusting the flow from one activity to another.

Use case Diagram: This kind of diagram is used to collect the requirements, mainly the design needs of a system including internal and external influences. Once a system gathers its functionalities, the use case is prepared.

Interactive Diagram: Used to describe the interactive attribute of the system. The main purpose of an interactive diagram is to define the structural organization and discussion of the objects with each other.

State Diagram: It is one of the behavioral UML diagrams that symbolize the flow of control from one state to another. More to this state diagram is used for forward and reverse engineering of the system.

Communication Diagram: An UML behavioral diagram that explains the interaction between the objects. 

Important Features Of UML
  1. Provides the blueprint of the application.

  2. Helps in modeling business processes, application structures, and behavior.

  3. Is a general software modeling language that visualizes the working of a particular subject.

UML Diagram For Assignment

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