Security Challenges In Emerging Networks

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Security Challenges In Emerging Networks

Assignment Description

The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills to independently think of innovation. In this assignment students will first learn how to develop knowledge based on current state of the art of an emerging knowledge domain. Then they will analyse critically, three current or future security issues in this area and its countermeasures.

Software defined networking (SDN) is an emerging area in computer networking, where the networking functionalities are decoupled from the actual hardware. SDN architecture consists of three layers named the application, the control layer and the data forwarding layer. SDN has advantages over the traditional network in terms of simplicity, programmability and elasticity and has drawn huge interest from industry and academia. How to make SDN more security still needs to be investigated. In this assignment student will work on the security issues in SDN.

This assignment includes three parts

1. Literature review on security aspects in Software Defined Networking (SDN):

Your review should be supported by at least three (3) academic (Journal/Conference) papers chosen from the current state of the art.

Your discussion should include:

i. Introduction to SDN (mentioning its layers: data forwarding layer, control layer and application layer)

ii. Characteristics of SDN compared to traditional network

iii. A comparison of advantages and disadvantages of SDN over traditional networks regarding security issues.

2. Analyse critically, three current or future security issues in SDN and its countermeasures.

In this section you will

i. Explain and analyse critically three security issues in SDN.

ii. Explain the countermeasures/mitigation techniques and tools used for each one of the security issues mentioned in section i.

This section must be supported by at least three (3) references (good quality Conference or Journal paper).

3. Create a 3 – 5 minutes presentation and present your work during the Lab.

You have to create a 3 – 5 minutes presentation to present your work in front of your class fellows and tutor during the Lab in Week 11 and 12.




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