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Marketing Research Homework Help

Marketing research is the process of gathering information about the market (potential customers) in order to sell goods or services. It is mainly done by the organization itself or sometimes by a third party who are specialized in the field of market research. For students, this concept helps the students gain a lot of knowledge regarding the condition of the market and makes them understand the tips to increase the share of profit.

Marketing research assignment help

Most of the concepts when taking a marketing course will revolve around the target customer and the target market. To handle a marketing research assignment one is required to be well equipped with sufficient market research skills. But why market research? It is important to note that knowledge in market research is the basis required and is a very vital component of business strategy. In order to maintain competitiveness with a competitor, market research is to be considered as an essential key factor. Market research provides the important information for the market need, market competition, market size, and marketing analysis.

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Market research techniques to use when handling your marketing research assignment

Marketing professionals use two different kinds of research techniques  namely primary research and secondary research. Primary research involves qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative marketing research involves collecting data through interviews and participants observations of behaviour. The data collected is descriptive and is quite hard to analyze.  Quantitative marketing research involves gathering information in a numerical form and is measured in units of measurement. Data collected here can be used to make graphs of raw data. The data is examined by statistical inferences and reported by statistical analysis.

To come up with any business plan or strategy, it is important to carry out market research and two basic techniques are used. They include;

1. Market information and market segmentation

This is a technique that helps give information on market demand and supply situations.  Involves a detailed analysis of social, technical and legal aspects of the market provided by market research. The market is divided on the basis of the needs and requirements of a specific segment of the market (market segmentation). Market segmentation is used widely to segment or divide the market on the basis of the differences in personality and demographics.

2. SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis shows the organization’s strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats. It helps in the evaluation of the competitors, products and customers behavior. For any organization it plays a vital role in analysis of product design.With this therefore any business can continue to prevail throughout the business life. 

Steps in Marketing Research  

  1. Identify the problem faced by the organization or company which will help set the research objectives, techniques and the information to be collected. 

  2. Determine the research design which involves determining the research objectives expressed in terms of research questions, hypothesis or a statement.

  3. Design the research study. This involves planning for collection of the required information . Involves determining the methodology, sampling and cost of the research. 

  4. Plan the sample. A sample is a representation of the whole population and this is the most important step in the whole marketing research process. 

  5. Collect the required data. This involves all the facts and information relevant to solve the problem.

  6. Process the data collected to give solutions to the problem identified.

  7. Finalize the report and draw conclusions.




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