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Physics Assignment Aid

Physics Assignment Aid

Physics is derived from the ancient Greek word physis, which means “nature”. As the name suggests, it is essentially the study of natural phenomena. It is the branch of science that gives you deep knowledge of different forms of matter and energy, their properties, and various interactions among them. It involves the study of matter, the motion of matter through space and time, the forces and interactions which influence matter, and the relationship between energy and matter.  Science as a subject is incomplete without physics.

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Branches Of Physics

The branches of Physics and which you can get assignment help from our expert writers include

Electrical engineering. It is described as the study and analysis of various applications of electromagnetism, electronics, and electricity. The formation and development of this new field of science resulted from the innovation and development of new technologies and electrical gadgets. Electrical engineering deals with the variety of inventions from a telegraph machine to an advanced smartphone. The most important issues that are covered under this field are magnetic field, resistance, electric current, and capacitance, etc. 

Mechanics or classical physics. This branch of physics mainly deals with the concepts and laws of motion of varied bodies under varied and complex situations. It influences various other fields of study like technology, science and engineering. It deals with a variety of concepts like explaining the movement of astronomical objects to the reasons behind the movement of electrons that take place in an atom. The concepts that mark their importance in classical physics are dimension, motion density, power, acceleration, etc.

Quantum mechanics. This branch deals with the concepts, principles, and explanations of the reasons behind the interaction of matters and energy. One of the most important issues that are dealt with in quantum mechanics is thermal radiation. 

Thermodynamics. This branch of Physics basically deals with temperature, heat and pressure, and their applications with respect to work and energy. The most important issues that are studied in thermodynamics are kinetic theory and heat energy.

Relativity. Relativity deals with the comparative measurement of the varied velocity of varied matters with respect to energy. The most important issues that are dealt with in the relativity theory of physics are covariance, speed of the light, and mass-energy equilibrium. This theory was evolved by one of the most famous and glorified scientists, Albert Einstein. 

Astrophysics. This branch of physics involves the study of all astronomical objects, cosmology, and gravitational force. It has always been one of the most interesting subjects and has been studied for a long time. It helps us to discover the truths of the universe.

Applied physics. Involves the study of different Physics theories and their application in our daily life and processes. 

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