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PHP also known as Hypertext Preprocessor is recognized as a popular general purpose programming language mostly used for web development and it is certainly a language any student undertaking a web development course will come across. The language has greatly developed since its creation with the majority of websites and web applications on the internet today using PHP as their back end programming. The revolution or development has seen that today, PHP code can be executed by a command-line interface, embedded into HTML code or used with web frameworks, content management systems, and web templates. The language however faces competition from other languages such as python but a majority of users still prefer to use it as their server-side programming. 

How PHP works?

PHP works with a web server which responds by sending the requested file. When PHP is installed, the web server is configured to expect certain file extensions to contain PHP language statements. Often the extension is .php or .phtml, but any extension can be used. When the web server gets a request for a file with the designated extension, it sends the HTML statements as is, but PHP statements are processed by the PHP software before they’re sent to the requester.When PHP language statements are processed, only the output, or anything printed to the screen is sent by the web server to the web browser. The PHP language statements, those that don’t produce any output to the screen, aren’t included in the output sent to the browser, so the PHP code is not normally seen by the user.

Sample PHP homework topics

Some of the topics you are likely to come across in  your PHP assignment or PHP homework include;

  1. MYSQL

  2. Syntax

  3. Database Programming

  4. PHP Data Type

  5. PHP Accelerator

  6. PHP Extension and Application Repository

  7. Web Technology

  8. Core PHP

  9. DDL

  10. Object-Oriented Programming

PHP homework help

For any student aspiring to be a good programmer and to develop websites, PHP homework is a thing they have to deal with inorder to complete their course effectively. PHP homeworks are definitely not a walk in the park and this has seen most students go online looking for top homework help sites in an aim to get assistance in understanding as well as handling their assignments. However, they are required to be very choosy on who they settle on to handle their assignment as PHP homework is quite critical and requires professional handling to ensure a good end result. This is why our professional PHP homework help services are just a click away to handling your assignment with a quality guarantee and at a very affordable rate.


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