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What Is Project Management

Project management is a management sciences subject that works in a systematic approach to guide and plan projects from beginning until their successful completion. It is the effective use of skills, tools, knowledge, and technique to meet the requirements of the project.  It is a course that consists of planning, motivating, and controlling the resources in order to get satisfying goals. The term “project” in project management is the endeavor with a brief beginning and the end which is explained to meet the targets and its objectives of the project management.

5 Phases Of Project Management

Any project implementation takes the following steps

  • 1. Project conception and initiation. Before you start the project, you have to assess and plan the availability of various resources. For this step, you discuss the basic ideas of the project as of how one needs to go about the initiation phase of the project.
  • 2. Project designing and planning. In this phase, the entire design and planning has to be done where for example if the project involves developing a residential complex, the activities involved include making designs, maps, and the outlook of how the project has to look. Planning and design is done by various specialists and experts in their own fields
  • 3. Project launch or execution. In this phase, there is the execution and implementation of the plan. Still basing on the building a residential complex project, this phase involves construction. For this phase, the team working on the project needs to know exactly what that project includes, the time frame, and they also need to understand the criteria by which each task in that project is deemed complete.
  • 4. Project performance and control. In this phase, you have to monitor all the phases and processes of your project so that if a single process goes wrong, you can notice it and immediately act on it. Monitoring is a systematic and continuous assessment of the progress of the project which includes monitoring of all critical parts of the project, such as: costs, time frame, resources, etc. Controlling on the other hand represents a group of actions that are focused on correcting actions and materials which do not meet the standards and need to be re-done.
  • 5. Project closure. This is the final stage of your project implementation and in this phase, the project can be formally closed and given a final review. 

Project management finds vast applications in many fields including civil engineering, sports, and many other areas of science and business. A project manager manages the project and is the person responsible for the successful implementation of the project. A good project manager has the following traits;

  • . Expertise
  • . Teamwork oriented
  • . Integrity
  • . Enthusiasm
  • . Able to cope under pressure
  • . Problem solver
  • . Effective communication skills etc.

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