Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

As a reputable writing company, Assignments Aid has been able to provide many students, companies and publishers with quality writing services that guarantee full satisfaction. Our writers have reliable writing skills that enable them provide clients with outstanding writing services. Through us, clients are able to attain flawless documents that have been thoroughly reviewed. Despite, our hard efforts to ensure that we provide perfect documents, there are clients who turn out not satisfied by the services that we provide. The company has set proper policies to deal with such cases. Apart from providing dissatisfied clients with quality revision services, the company also provides clients with reliable refund policies that ensure its clients do not suffer any losses.


The company is dedicated to ensuring that its clients are fully satisfied. In case a client is not satisfied, then he/she is entitled to receive a refund of the money paid. The company has set quality refund policies that enable it deal amicably with such situations. The refund policy of the company is divided into two sections i.e. before order approval and after order approval.

Before Order Approval

Customers are usually given full refunds of the money they paid in case of the following situations.

◈ In case there is a problem with amount of money that the client paid e.g. when there is an overpayment

◈ When a client cancels an order that he/she had made before it is assigned to a writer

◈ In case the company fails to get a qualified writer to do a particular order placed by the client

◈ When the company is not able to make a delivery on time, and by the time the delivery is made the client is no longer in need of the document

70% Refund Will Be Awarded In Case;

◈ A client cancels an order that is already in progress and less half of the time to be spent writing the order has already elapsed

A 50% Refund Will Be Offered In Case;

◈ The company is not able to get a reliable writer to proofread and revise a client’s order

◈ A client cancels an order that he/she had already made and half of the time to be spent writing the order has already elapsed

The Company Also Offer Varied Percentages Of Refund In Case;

◈ A paper is delivered after the deadline and the client is still in need of the paper

◈ A client feels that the paper written is of poor quality

After Order Approval

Clients have 2 weeks to approve an order after a delivery has been made. In case an order is not yet approved and 2 weeks have already elapsed, the order will be approved automatically. Already approved orders can be revised but no refunds will be offered.




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